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Core Gods Hail Coby

Core Gods Hail Coby

Posted by Brett Vergou on

Coby Perkovich hailed the metal gods for a sharp 30 minute session at his beloved D Bah this past weekend and graced the Long Arm Taylor Zipperless Spring Suit for all his slipstream assistance.
Filmed - Billy Lee-Pope
Designed for the least restriction possible!
The Taylor Spring suit is made up of Japan sourced Limestone and made from the highest grade "V' foam. 
V Foam is upwards of 30% lighter and stretchier the pre existing foams making this Taylor Spring suit the lightest and stretchies in the series. 
Boasting Fuse cut wrist seals for anti flush maintain
* Zipperless entry = no chest bulkiness and ease of entry
* Glued and Blind stitched seams with critical internal taping giving strength in all the right places. 
..........and its in traditional Black! 
Take Taylor on your next Noblequest! 

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  • Can a wetsuit be a lighter colour ? Eg – light grey for say 2mm in warmer water. Black in say 2mm can often be to hot

    Brad Fraser on

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